Know Your Strengths and Abilities

Have you ever asked “Do I really know myself?”

Part of a strategic job search is to know your Strengths and Abilities and be confident articulating them in an interview. 

Write down your top 6 strengths and develop stories about them using the CAR method (Challenge / Action / Result); quantifying where you can. These are your accomplishment statements and listed as bullet-points in the experience section of your resume and your LinkedIn profile. 

Challenges can be problems you solved, initiatives you developed, deadlines you met, goals you achieved, etc. 

Employers want to know the value you bring to their team to help with the challenges they face. During the interview you get talk about those Challenges and what You have done. 

The more you know yourself and your strengths and abilities, the more confident and effective you’ll be in an interview. 

Published by Betsy Sheets

I have helped hundreds gain clarity, confidence, and success with their career transition.

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