Research Your Targeted Companies

Research is an important part of a Strategic Job Search to learn more about companies you want to work for. It also helps you be prepared for an interview. 

What to research

  • Mission, vision, values, culture (are they aligned with yours?)
  • Current events, trends, and industry news
  • Products/Services/Clients 
  • Their needs
  • Their competitors
  • Key players – what is their level of experience, where did they go to school, what roles have they held
  • Work-life balance
  • Involvement in local and global communities
  • How are they supporting their team during COVID?

Places to gather information:

  • Company website and blog
  • Social media accounts including LinkedIn
  • Industry publications 
  • Google News (
  • Crunchbase platform for finding private and public company information (

Published by Betsy Sheets

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