Recommendations on LinkedIn


Have you written a recommendation for someone on LinkedIn? 

People tend to wait until they are actively seeking a job to utilize LinkedIn as part of their targeted approach. Why wait? 

LinkedIn is a community of support. Whether you are a job seeker, networker, or promoting your business – you are the “product” – you are showcasing yourself in some way on this platform. The recommend feature is a great way to show support by sharing the impact someone had on you and the value they bring to a company or organization. 

Have you worked with someone who is actively seeking a job and is new to LinkedIn? Write a recommendation!

Have you purchased a product or service from someone on LinkedIn? Write a recommendation!  

Don’t use a generic script. Personalize it!

3 Clicks:

  1. Click on your contacts profile
  2. Click ‘more’ 
  3. Click ‘recommend’ 


  • Provide context of the relationship
  • Indicate the impact the person had on you
  • Share the value they bring to a company or organization 
  • Keep it professional 

If people are returning the favor and writing a recommendation about you, go to your LI settings and make sure your recommendations are set to public view so recruiters see them when they click on your profile. 

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I have helped hundreds gain clarity, confidence, and success with their career transition.

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