Are your values aligned with the employer?

Do you know people whose goal was to work for a big name company and after getting the job they figured out it wasn’t the right fit? Something was missing🧩 

Something I often hear from clients, students and veterans: “I want to work at Amazon, Google, Sony, or Northrup Grumman. I want to work at a big name company.”

I always ask “why do you want to work there?” 

I usually hear “Because it’s Amazon” or “Because they pay really well”. I never hear “Because my values are aligned with their values”

Often these individuals do land jobs at these companies. Some stay for years while others realize within the first year something is missing.

The missing piece is often values 🧩

Your personal values – what’s important to you. 

When our personal values aren’t aligned with the company’s values, it can feel like something’s missing.

“Ensuring alignment between personal and company values means you’re more likely to succeed and you’re more likely to love what you do, and that is always a good thing.”

This quick read article from Advanced Resources shares steps to determine how well a company’s values fit your own.

Published by Betsy Sheets

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