Jobs Emerging in 2021 and Beyond

I know many active duty service members and veterans highly skilled in:✅Logistics ✅Warehouse ✅Supply Chain Good news for those job seekers: According to data from Monster, the demand in these fields is growing across the board❗️ My advice: Start targeting companies of interest, cultivate relationships and share your value proposition🎯  Read about some of the jobs emergingContinue reading “Jobs Emerging in 2021 and Beyond”

✅ Backup LinkedIn Account Information

Do you have a checklist for the beginning of the new year❓📝 ✅ change batteries in your home smoke detectors  ✅ backup your computer  ✅ backup your LinkedIn account  Career Thought Leader, Susan P. Joyce, shared on LinkedIn about the importance of backing up your LinkedIn account data periodically. I agree and do it myselfContinue reading “✅ Backup LinkedIn Account Information”

Personalize Your Thank-You Note

A student recently asked about sending a thank-you note after an informational interview and if it was okay to have one ready to hand them immediately after. My response “no” Why? Informational interviews are  networking opportunities and networking is about building relationships.Relationships aren’t generic, they are personalized interactions. Don’t hand them a generic thank-you note. PersonalizeContinue reading “Personalize Your Thank-You Note”

Adaptability Interview Questions

Adaptability – an essential skill we are honing this year as we navigate the covid crisis.  Change is inevitable and being able to adapt to change is essential in a company’s success.  Here are a few interview questions employers may ask to determine your adaptability skills: How have you adapted to work-life balance during thisContinue reading “Adaptability Interview Questions”

Recommendations on LinkedIn

Have you written a recommendation for someone on LinkedIn?  People tend to wait until they are actively seeking a job to utilize LinkedIn as part of their targeted approach. Why wait?  LinkedIn is a community of support. Whether you are a job seeker, networker, or promoting your business – you are the “product” – youContinue reading “Recommendations on LinkedIn”

Research Your Targeted Companies

Research is an important part of a Strategic Job Search to learn more about companies you want to work for. It also helps you be prepared for an interview.  What to research:  Mission, vision, values, culture (are they aligned with yours?) Current events, trends, and industry news Products/Services/Clients  Their needs Their competitors Key players –Continue reading “Research Your Targeted Companies”

Qualities Employers Look For In An Interview

Are you displaying these qualities in an interview? ⭐️ Confidence ⭐️ Enthusiasm ⭐️ Ability to influence ⭐️ Analytical skills⭐️ Problem-solving skills⭐️ Championing the company ⭐️ Likeability (I added this one) Judith Humphrey, of The Humphrey Group, shares data about these qualities that employers look for in an interview💡  2-minute read at this link:

Wait to hit send…

Have you ever sent an email or text message to a colleague, or more importantly, a potential employer, and immediately wanted to retract it because of a grammatical error, typo, or you realized it may not be received in the manner you’d hoped?  We are sometimes quick to respond to emails and text messages; notContinue reading “Wait to hit send…”

Know Your Strengths and Abilities

Have you ever asked “Do I really know myself?” Part of a strategic job search is to know your Strengths and Abilities and be confident articulating them in an interview.  Write down your top 6 strengths and develop stories about them using the CAR method (Challenge / Action / Result); quantifying where you can. TheseContinue reading “Know Your Strengths and Abilities”

Interview Question #1

Often, the first job interview question is “Tell me about yourself”, but what if the first question is “Tell me what you know about our company.” If you haven’t done your research and you’re unable to answer this question, the interview could end quickly.  Rather than waiting to do research before an interview, do itContinue reading “Interview Question #1”

Preparedness During an Uncertain Job Market

In times of uncertainty we always prepare. Our medical professionals have been preparing to care for people stricken with the virus. Our schools have prepared to move classes online so students can continue to learn. At home we’ve prepared by stocking up on food and essentials (although many still need TP!) and making adjustments whileContinue reading “Preparedness During an Uncertain Job Market”