Jobs Emerging in 2021 and Beyond

I know many active duty service members and veterans highly skilled in:✅Logistics ✅Warehouse ✅Supply Chain Good news for those job seekers: According to data from Monster, the demand in these fields is growing across the board❗️ My advice: Start targeting companies of interest, cultivate relationships and share your value proposition🎯  Read about some of the jobs emergingContinue reading “Jobs Emerging in 2021 and Beyond”

Adaptability Interview Questions

Adaptability – an essential skill we are honing this year as we navigate the covid crisis.  Change is inevitable and being able to adapt to change is essential in a company’s success.  Here are a few interview questions employers may ask to determine your adaptability skills: How have you adapted to work-life balance during thisContinue reading “Adaptability Interview Questions”

Wait to hit send…

Have you ever sent an email or text message to a colleague, or more importantly, a potential employer, and immediately wanted to retract it because of a grammatical error, typo, or you realized it may not be received in the manner you’d hoped?  We are sometimes quick to respond to emails and text messages; notContinue reading “Wait to hit send…”