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Not sure how to begin your job search? To be successful in today’s competitive job market you have to be strategically focused and proactive. I teach you how to narrow your focus, create a plan that includes skills assessment, job motivators, values, goals, and maximizing your professional network.

“Betsy did a phenomenal job as a career coach. She listens well and extracted the most salient points for me to consider during my career transition and job search. I was the recipient of practical, sensible advice from Betsy and she was able to assist me in getting to the root of my most important needs. She seemed to always say exactly what I needed to hear at precisely the right moment to keep me on track.” -Paul in Maryland

Free Job Search Tips and FAQs

  1. What skills do you enjoy using? Most likely you have many skills, but have you ever thought about the skills you enjoy using? Identifying those skills can bring clarity and focus to your job search so you know what jobs to look for.
  2. Do you want to work for a large company, small company, non-profit? Research types of companies and organizations where your skills are used.
  3. Should I leverage LinkedIn during my job search? Yes – LinkedIn is a professional networking site. Not only do job seekers use LinkedIn to build their professional network, but employers use LinkedIn to search for qualified candidates.
  4. Why is networking so important? Networking is the best way to land the job you want. If you are only applying for jobs through online job boards, you are wasting valuable time. Every job I’ve ever had has been through my network. It’s imperative in building your professional network in today’s competitive job market.
  5. What if I don’t like to network? You aren’t alone – most people don’t like networking. Regardless of whether you are seeking a new job, or wanting a job promotion at your current job, networking is an ongoing part of our career development.

Contact me to help you create a plan to identify your skills, leverage LinkedIn, and become comfortable and confident in building your professional network. 

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