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“Betsy recently coached me through a tough time in my career. She helped guide me and gave me the confidence to make some important career decisions and life changes. I’m a military wife and was unable to continue pursuing my career as due to job unavailability upon relocation. I had been working in my career for the past seven years and was feeling lost because I was nervous to make a change. Betsy helped guide me through exploring new options and gave me a plethora of tips and resources on networking and marketing myself. I now have a clear sense of direction of the path that I want to pursue. Additionally, Betsy is always available to questions when approaching tough conversations or problematic career situations. Not only is she approachable and easy to talk to, but she’s honest, open, and understanding. I am very glad I went to Betsy for career coaching and would 100% recommend her services!” -Angelea in Hawaii

“Betsy’s knowledge of resume building and her attention to detail transformed my basic resume that was being overlooked, into a professional document that caught the attention of a prospective employer. Thanks Betsy!” -Cameron in New York

“Betsy was extremely helpful throughout my college searching process. She helped me make personal contacts with admissions personnel from various schools, and she prepared me for interviews with a list of specific questions. Overall, Betsy provided a calm environment for a situation that can easily become stressful.” -Carter in Virginia

“The job market is challenging and sometimes frightening for today’s transitioning military veterans. I attended Betsy’s “10 Steps to a Federal Job” course offered through CTAP/VANC. Above all, she taught skills in resume writing tailored specifically for the USAJOBS website resume builder and application manager. The resume skills and key points she provided were valuable to me. Using her methods, my revised resume and application was noticed by a federal agency that had previously overlooked me in favor of other applicants. I was notified within 20 days for an interview and a job offer followed. I would recommend Betsy’s services to any newly transitioning veteran who wants to apply to a federal service job! Moreover, the services offered through CTAP/VANC are second to none! I can’t thank you enough for your assistance Betsy!” -Stan in California

“I would highly recommend using Betsy Sheets Career Development Specialist services. Using her knowledge and skills she transformed my resume into a professional document that caught the eyes of several employers at a recent job fair. Thanks to Betsy I now have two interviews next week.” -Chuck in Kentucky

“Betsy was patient and comprehensive in teaching me the steps in creating my profile on USAJOBS, dissecting a vacancy announcement and questionnaire to determine my qualifications, and incorporating the KSAs into my federal resume using her recommended format. Thank you, Betsy – I learned so much! I had been applying for many federal jobs with no results. This time I was referred to the hiring manager.” -John in California

“When seeking advice about my career and the delicate choices I needed to make, I was searching for some sound advice and input from a couple of perspectives. First, I needed someone to give me the real facts about my situation and what the possibilities were. And secondly, I needed someone to give me some advice from the heart. Betsy is wise and knowledgeable, and delivers her advice in an approaching way that can be digested into steps of action without breaking down the flame of hope that brought me seeking career coaching in the first place. After utilizing her services, I am now seeing the results of applying her recommendations by finding fulfillment in doing something that I love deeply – Teaching yoga regularly. I highly recommend her services. You will feel uplifted and inspired to move forward.” -Raven in Oregon

“Betsy is a terrific coach and played an instrumental part in helping me prepare for my interview. The assistance and knowledge that Betsy provided helped me land my dream career on my first application and interview for the position. The feedback I received from the hiring manager and the members of the panel were how impressed they were with my resume and how I conducted the interview. Furthermore, they mentioned the resume was one of the best, if not the best, resume they have seen and the interview was so great they wished they recorded it to show people how to conduct themselves during the interview. This feedback is a direct reflection of the quality, effort, and time Betsy spent with me during and throughout the job search process. I will be forever indebted to Betsy for all her hard work and will continue to communicate with her throughout my career and beyond. Betsy not only served as a terrific coach, but a wonderful friend who I could speak to at anytime if I was nervous or had questions during my search. Betsy’s services were exceptional and I highly encourage anyone in the job search market or anyone who needs career development to utilize Betsy’s services because you will not be disappointed.”
-Scott in Maryland

“Betsy helped me prepare for my panel interview. She gave me do’s and don’ts  tips on etiquette, and a format for answering structured questions – things I hadn’t considered. I had failed two panel interviews in the past, but this time I passed and was hired!”
-Jake in Virginia

“Thank you, Betsy. Your federal workshop was very helpful and instrumental in my resume being selected for the position I applied for. Thank you very much for your time, thoroughness, and effort.” -Myra in California

“Betsy provided a comprehensive review of my resume. Her suggestions made my resume more structured, easy to read, and look very professional. Her support has been priceless.”
-LeeAnn in California

“Betsy did a phenomenal job as a career coach. She listens well and extracted the most salient points for me to consider during my career transition and job search. I was the recipient of practical, sensible advice from Betsy and she was able to assist me in getting to the root of my most important needs. She seemed to always say exactly what I needed to hear at precisely the right moment to keep me on track.” -Paul in Maryland

“I have benefited greatly from Betsy’s determination, responsiveness, and passion by helping me properly and accurately capture my unique strengths in a resume and cover letter. Her enthusiastic qualities, vast experience, and effective communication skills made it easier for me to focus on my career development and future planning. She has given me the confidence and knowledge for a smoother transition from military to civilian life.”
-Andres in Texas